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  • Succeeding/Being Praised/Recognition. Sincerely compliment someone today out of the blue. They will remember it for weeks/years. My first ever emergency therapy session at 21 (studying abroad in London) the female counselor said, “you’re a good looking bloke — things are going to be okay” and its as if she etched it on my soul.
  • Mental High-Five of Hardwork — not superficial work like checking email or doing the marginal things on your to-do list but the deep focus don’t want to move until you finish this type. The feeling after the email you write and read-over 12 times briefly explaining the report or presentation you just created.
  • Paying it back. To quote Tim McGraw, “Help the next one in line, always be humble and kind.” An entire entry could go to this — but this really is the ultimate.
  • Anticipation (sending or receiving a naughty or risqué text)
  • Planning a trip (The Yale Happiness course suggests we get as much or not more happiness from planning and going through the intended itinerary than going on the trip itself)
  • A “treat break” — going for your walk of coffee, stopping for a Diet Coke or a cookie, or as simple as remember to take your Flintstones vitamins.
  • Remembering you have a good show/book left for later. Save particular juicy parts for Sunday Night Blues.
  • That feeling AFTER the gym or sex (sure, I’ve also heard sex itself is cool). You’re always happy you took the time despite any nagging reservations beforehand. “Yes! a Tuesday! We still got it — the girl chain is going to be so impressed”
  • Flirting/Attraction/Girl at gym. Will leave it there.
  • Getting mail/package. Anything handwritten in this age.
  • Naps/cozy time/anything with a weighted blanket.
  • Organizing. The Power of Habit had a good take on this — people at first didn’t like Febreeze because they couldn’t overly smell it and get that mental reminder that they just cleaned. Same feeling as getting in your car after a full car wash. So much more could be put here — organizing your office space to feel like a boss lady, putting a flower/candle out, etc. Clean hotel room. The concept of freshness.
  • Pets Snuggles (haven’t had one for awhile, but I remember!)
  • Controversial one — but scrolling over to a certain Social Media app. Seeing someone responded to you. Pretty much anything with a bright notification. It certainly causes synapses to fire. I found those old memes that show the green text message box on the iPhone saying “negative 1” so funny; if you wake up after maybe a 12 hour mini-depressive hibernation like me and wake up to no texts you are like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.
  • Fresh tracks on the mountain. Seeing anything untouched in nature. Seeing a wild animal and pretending you’re on a National Geographic expedition. Nature sounds during meditation do this as well. Also, “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean”
  • Massage/spa day. Somewhat sheepish to admit the anticipation before THAT kind of massage is absolutely off the charts (don’t judge, was a long time ago). Porn likely sadly falls in this same cheap thrills bulletpoint.
  • That throwback beat on the radio or the new favorite song. Supermarkets seem to be on to us with this with Hall & Oates.
  • Someone confiding in you.
  • Random acts of kindness.
  • Being Right/Forecasting something. You can tell why those Robinhood Apps and crypto are so addicting.
  • Hot Tubs. Time Machines.
  • Looking at an old picture.
  • Dance Cams at sporting events.
  • Practical Jokes.



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Brett Williams

Brett Williams

Trying to find my next hobby. How about writing? Esoteric Movie Quotes/Mental Health (8 months sober and counting!)/Lots of Nostalgia.