A Toast to my Sister

“You have to give a toast? oOoOoOo….you dooooo??”
  • She was in a sorority that would literally paint everything in loving exciting neon colors. A little much in the cheerleaders putting paint on the star players cars and their numbers on lockers, etc, but also in a sweet way to make mementos for each other. I found these colors actually described her pretty well. Coolers, signs, walls, dressers. High octane energy that wants to scream at you and cheer for what it believes in. Pep Rally colors.
  • She loves animals and fostered a dog and had a killer beanie baby collection when she was younger. She would celebrate their birthdays. Her commitment and attachment was both cute and impressive.
  • I think she has perfected being a fake extrovert incredibly better than I have. Anyone that meets her would swear she’s in sales or marketing or perhaps in some high-end event planning. She was born to give tours at her commercial real estate job. It’s a welcoming energy meets polite and fun. The girl you want to get a drink with.
  • She’s a wannabe southern belle. Yes, she has the cred that she learned to speak in Texas (I think she did at least) and went to a Southern college. She drops y’all like it’s going out of style and is most comfortable with a beer and chicken fingers at a bar watching an SEC game. “Clemson sucks!”
  • She’s successful. She met her fiancée in the same commercial real estate field. He was some top 30 under 30 type in their metropolitan area and she must have seen as much ambition and results as she did chemistry. Not in a gold-digging way, in a respectful admiration way.
  • She makes friends naturally and has a ton of them. They are all hot. It’s like she’s living high school late in life.
  • He’s all business. She is not. They are like a mullet. Business in front, party in the back. He’ll keep her grounded, she’ll keep him off conference calls (of which he’s been on plenty in the family’s presence).
  • She loves Britney Spears. Still. I hope her and her fiancée live a different kind of happy ever after. No conservatorship. “She likes Britney so much, that our Dad thought she might like a conservatorship too — including her fiancee’s top 30 under 30 fat wallet”
  • I had a picture of her in my room in which she is in our pool, riding an inflatable dolphin with a pink bucket on her head. Enough said.



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Brett Williams

Brett Williams

Trying to find my next hobby. How about writing? Esoteric Movie Quotes/Mental Health (8 months sober and counting!)/Lots of Nostalgia.